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Kansas City, Kansas  United States
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Dr. Pastor Carlotta Boles. I am better known by my peers as from Prison to Pastor! Which is the hit I'm Breaking Out on my CD BREAKOUT! I am so blessed that you have visited. But, don't leave yet, let me tell you a little about myself. I was raised in Kansas City, Mo. I Graduated from Westport High School. And I have my Doctorate Degree PH.D in Christian Counseling, and my Doctorate in Philosophy. In the beginning of my life, I began down a road of destruction doing any and everything you coul ...


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Sat, Mar 13, 2010 9:07 PM
wishing you a happy st. patricks day!~love steven mata~artist profiles~songcast 2010
Sat, Mar 13, 2010 9:04 PM
wishing you a happy st. paricks day!~love steven mata~artist profiles~songcast 2010
Tue, Dec 23, 2008 2:35 PM
There you are!!! I am so glad to see your moving your music! Stick with it and always know that your music is a Testimony to all who is looking for the truth!! God Bless you Pastor Dr. Carlotta and keep on BREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!