Turn your Digital Album into a Physical CD, and Sell it Directly on Amazon.com!

Amazon Disc-On-Demand Printing

How about this? You already have your music on Amazon MP3 (or soon will) for digital download, but how about making a physical copy available too? The scoop - A customer buys your album on Amazon.com, Amazon then makes a physical copy and ships it directly to them. This is a new service only from Amazon and is now available to all SongCast artists!

You've produced great music and designed your own artwork; now make it into a retail-ready CD with a full-color front cover, tray card, jewel case, and a beautifully printed disc face. Your CD will be professionally "shrink wrapped" and shipped directly to the customer!

We already have your music, meta-data and artwork.

Setting up your title with us is easy because we already have everything we need to get started. We'll send your audio files, album meta-data and front cover image directly to Amazon. They will then print a CD anytime a customer places an order. All you have to do is set your selling price...

Earn a 35% commission on every sale. Set your own selling price.

Sell it for $13.99 = $4.90 profit per disc

Sell it for $11.99 = $4.20 profit per disc

Sell it for $9.99 = $3.50 profit per disc

Sell it for $8.99 = $3.15 profit per disc

Note: This is a separate service from the Amazon MP3 store. Your music will still be available for digital download on Amazon MP3.

Setup cost is only $10.99 per title. Get started today!

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