About Sinuupa

Traditionally raised during the modernizing world in Ungava Bay, singer songwriter Etua Snowball, a.k.a. Sinuupa, has performed throughout Canada and abroad. His latest and third album Culture Shock, written in both English and Inuktitut explores how Inuit view southern culture, including the impact it had on the way of life up North, was voted Best Rock CD by the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards. Making his entrance on the American market, he was also nominated as Debut Artist of the Year by the Native American Music Awards.
Having spent most of his days out on the land of his Inuit ancestors, his music remains grounded to who he is as an Inuk staying true to his roots. His first album Nunaga, entirely written in Inuktitut, is influenced by the rhythm of his traditional ways of life, reminiscing of a life which he longs and practiced during a simpler time. As Etua matures into a modern world, a second album takes shape. Arctic Darkness, Sinuupa leaves the folksy tunes behind and speaks up with a blunt and playful funk rock genre. Written mostly in English, he broadens his message to reveal the shadows of the world in which his people now live in.
As an artist of different moulds and in the midst of writing his fourth album, Etua also sculpts, carving various types of stones, antlers and bones. Drawings and refined Inuit tools, including the Inuit drum that hang in organizations to showcase the art he has made over the years. A new Venture within the arts has surfaced and Etua has now co-starred in a Feature Film as well as Voice Acting for a Nunavut company.
In an effort to keep his culture alive in modern times, Etua is also a Director of Education Services for Nunavik with a McGill University honours degree, Prime Minister’s Award for teaching excellence and a Citizenship Award under his belt.

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