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Rick Styles & The Soundsystem/DJ Ultimate are an urban act with a love of most forms of popular music.

The new album "The Platinum Collection is out now featuring everything that the group have ever done. There are 20 tracks in total. The music is in itself represents the history of recorded black music from the year 1900 up to 2017.
This means it covers from before Jazz i.e. Ragtime music up to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) featuring elements of Latin, Classical, Swing, Big Band, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Soul, House/Garage, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dub, Calypso, Soca, Bhangra and even Children's Music.

Their debut single "Flirtatious Girls" is a Dance/Electronic track. Their second single is a Reggae/Soca track "Boulevard of Love".
Their third single "Little Boy Blue" is a Reggae track that is a remake of an old ska hit.

Their 4th single was an EP (extended play) single "Jazzy Wedding". The Soundsystem took three jazz classics and remade them with a modern vibe. (The tracks were The Charleston, In The Mood and The Stripper).

Track 5 is the Chicken Dance (or Birdie Song). Track 6 is The Circus Theme, it was released at the same time as the Chicken Song. This was aimed at the young children market and to show their versatility.

Track 7 "Young Love (A Summer Place)" is their interpretation of the 1960s classic adding an acoustic guitar making their version unique.

Track 8 (Tea For Two) is another EP. This 3 track single has interpretations of 1960s tunes that you may know in the back of your mind but you may not know the actual title. (i.e. Left Bank Two and Wheels)

Track 9 is a modern interpretation of a Scott Joplin track. Maple Leaf House is a Dance/Electronic version of Maple Leaf Rag. They are looking back over 100 years ago to record this track which still sounds as current as anything else on the dance music scene.

It's good to know the history of music. The Platinum Collection is a basic guide to give you the history of recorded black music from its earliest beginnings.

Masterpiece is the 2nd album. It collates all the tracks released up to that point and also has new masters of everything.

Urban Versions is the forthcoming album featuring all the tracks that were not on The Platinum Collection or Masterpiece. This covers tracks released from Autumn 2014 up to Winter 2015. There are 3 new tracks on Urban Versions.

The next album as we go into Spring Break is Sunshine Holiday. It has 4 tracks - Itsy bitsy teeny weeny YPDB, Jamaica, Cuba and Barbados. These are summery tracks that are well known songs in the UK market but they all have that unique Rick Styles production that can bring new life, bass and groove to an old track.

All the videos are on YouTube.

The most current release is DJ Ultimate: Music is the Food of Love.

This is a compilation of 20 of the best dance tracks from Rick Styles & The Soundsystem from the point of view of their resident DJ who co-produced all the tracks.

New single July 2016 is DJ Ultimate - Teddy Bears' Picnic (Euphoric Mix)

Now part two of the DJ Ultimate project is here; volume 2 of Music is the Food of Love.
This collection has the remainder of the Rick Styles & the sound system tracks as well as the DJ Ultimate tracks so far. This recording has 15 superb hits that will gradually get played over the winter months and beyond.

November 2016 we have the hip hop track It's Too Late. This is a cover of the Carole King 1971 classic song with an optimistic twist, i.e. the Reconciliation Mix

To round off the year 2016, a collection of most of the remaining tracks from Rick Styles & The Soundsystem have been packaged into volume 3 of Music Is The Food of Love.

We are starting 2017 with a collection of the final part of the Rick Styles and The Sound-system tracks as well as brand new tunes. More Food of Love by DJ Ultimate has 12 tracks that will gently ease us into Springtime. Egyptian Girl, Spacer and Cuban Pete are the new tracks to watch out for.

The new album for summer July 2017 is The Fifth Episode. It is the 5th DJ Ultimate album and includes "Nessun Dorma" a reworking of an opera classic and some tracks are remasters of earlier songs.

The latest album is 6th Sense? This is the 6th DJ Ultimate album. The theme is family love, parents, kids and your neighbour whatever their race. some 90s gems are revisited and the dance floor is well catered for.

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