About Wastescape

Formed 1998 in the town of Vaxjo Sweden
by Christoffer Karl and Joakim Karlsson.

Wastescape captures true raw emotions with an attitude.
Not meant to be put in a fabricated stereotypical formula.
Wastescape does not limit itself by being put in a certain category of music.

Lyrically themes that evoke the vital and significant subjects according to Wastescape.

"The Journey Begins Yet the Voyage is Already Over" was the chant that visualized Wastescape in the beginning-1998.
Appropriately enough or by intentional accidence it is revived on the "A Mourning Shadow" minicd in an updated version and fresh line-up.

Hailing from the city of Vaxjo in southern Sweden. Surrounded by lakes and forests it comes as no surprise Wastescape explores themes hidden and lost there and beyond.
With an energetic massive sound and lyrics that bears witness to the reincarnation of your gods, there is no mistake."A Mourning Shadow" will enlighten audience in different spectras (spectres).

Recorded 2009, in days of darkness and transorbital utopia the 4 tracks on ""A Mourning Shadow" displays Wastescape at their best whether it be in studio or live.
It is also a hint at which direction Wastescape will take and what is to come from this quartet.

Doors that were shut are now open, enter at your own risk at the peril of your life. This recording will be a deadly departed memory. A gift to ourselves and those who stood by us throughout the years
and bitter poison to those who came in our way for different reasons.

When you travel on a journey that is a circle which transcends into new circles on and on...there is no stopping and no coming back. Feel it - Taste It - Sense it; you have been warned.
Experience and discover Wastescape, a phenomena among the nothingness you despise.


The Beginning Of The End (1999)
For Ages (2000)
R Žlyeh (2001)
A Place Outside (2004)

A compilation of demos is available under the name:
Three Demons In One (2000-2004)

Albums :
Snowing Ash (2007) (Stop Dead Records)

Wastescape is completing a new minialbum
"A Mourning Shadow" (2009)

Wastescape has appeared on compilations such as:
The Funeral Vol. 2 on 272 records

Wastescape are:
Christoffer Karl - Vocals/Guitar
Fredrik Rehngren - Guitar
Joakim Karlsson - Drums
Vigor - Bass

To keep updated:
myspacepage : www.myspace.com/wastescape

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